Kitchen timer or timers


how about kitchen timer? or two sharing screen that can be operated same time…


Great idea! I can definitely whip one up pretty quickly. It’s perfect for a holiday lazy no stress coding session.


Fighting the urge to use


Why reinvent the wheel? It looks cool and flexible and open… a winner surely :slight_smile:


My concern is that visually it’s a bit busy…


I think anything that counts seconds will be busy, however “Themeable using pure CSS” should help that.


FlipClock.js has a fully extendible API to create any clock face you need. More clock faces will be added over time, so be sure to fork the code and make a pull request if you want to see your clock face appear in the core library.


Flipclock.js is working out nicely. Just need to add settings, a method for spawning additional timers, and have to tighten up the spacing a bit. Easy peasy. Good call @michael and @juskuh!


@matt, @juskuh - Great idea, love it! If you could directly access the scales then I can further convince the wife that we really do need a robotic coffee machine.


Still need to add the function to spawn additional timers but will save that for the next easy day.


Will the timer be able to set the time the next coffee making session begins? Then I could set it at night to have a coffee ready when my alarm goes off in the morning. Not a Teasmade but a Coffeesmade!


Brew scheduling is completely open so you can set it for whatever you want. These timers are meant to be a kitchen utility and are not really related to the brewing process.