Is this a really elaborate hoax?


I’m half joking…

But I can imagine looking back on all of this in a year or so, reading the dozens and dozens and dozens of updates stating “Shipping starts tomorrow!” and wondering why we actually thought it would happen.
Every time we hear “Sorry for the delay, ready to ship on Thursday”, we believe that this time it will happen.

Will we look back and think “how did we fall for this??”. I hope not. I hope that shipping really will start on Thursday and we start receiving our long awaiting goodies.

But if someone came in cold, with no background info, read through the updates from the beginning, they’d say “You’re all living in a dream world. There has never been any evidence that these hundreds of items exist.”

They might not be wrong.


The fact that during almost a year since the units started going out to fba storage there has been no real proof that they actually are there is my main concern.


Communications dry up as time goes by. From the puppy like enthusiasm of the initial weekly or more updates to pretty much nothing. But the KS updates still make it look like something is happening.

I was so excited about this when I first pre-ordered. I’ve had numerous promises about a refund. The last communication was initiated by @matt along the lines of there being a problem and asking for my Paypal address. That was a week or so ago and I’ve had nothing since.

I don’t think this was a scam from the start. I really don’t know what the problem is. I suspect the product has failed in some way and it’s become untenable to keep the development going. I don’t think a single unit has been shipped. My beef is that this should never have gone to pre-order if there was no viable product. The idea of kickstarter is that you’re gambling on the product being developed ready for market. If that wasn’t accomplished then the kickstarter should have failed. Yes, the backers would have lost everything but that’s the risk you take. I pre-ordered mine and have been left in pretty much the same position as a KS backer, which is just plain wrong.

So, $65k on KS. Plus the pre-orders. I’m number 177. Does that mean that there’s been at least another $30k+ taken on pre-orders?

In the UK, it’s too late to make a claim through the bank. Stripe don’t appear to have a mechanism for payers, only receivers.