Is there room for a shield on the raspberry pi?


Pretty much what the title says, I wonder if there would be enough room and/or even the possibilty to use a shield on top of the pi. And if not, if there is some sort of extension/break out cable to make this work without messing with mugsys functionality.


Yes! There is a break out cable from the pi to a daughter board. All pins are exposed on the daughter board.

Most of the hardware IO is actually hooked to the Arduino and pumping data over serial to the Pi. The only hardware directly connected to the pi IO is the relay board. The barcode scanner is connected to the pi but that goes over usb.


awesome! this gives a lot of room for ideas and hacking :smiley:


I’d been wondering about this. I’ve already got a Pi in my kitchen that I use for streaming music and podcasts. I was thinking there might be a way to consolidate into one Pi.