Is mugsy symetrical?


In the discussion about cone removal @matt mentioned that access is from the right panel, but currently my coffee machine lives in a corner of the kitchen where the right side would be blocked.

Are Mugsy’s internals symetric enough that I could simply swap them around so access is from the left?



It’s doable with some caveats:

  • The grinder output spout is not exactly in the middle of the grinder, so you would have to rotate it 90 degrees in addition to putting it on the left side. This would require some adjustment to the positioning of the extrusions the grinder sits on top of.

  • The pour over mechanism can be flipped around so the cone is on the left side, but the bottom half of the stepper motor might be visible from the front of the machine.

If you give me a day or two I can get some pics/diagrams together of how it would work.

There is also the option of going in from the top. All three panels are mag connected so there is some flexibility even without moving everything.

Definitely something I didn’t think of though. For a future revision, the pour over mechanism design could be tweaked to make this a seamless swap. Would be great for usability.


Cool, ta! I’ll see how much clearance I’ve got above but if there isn’t enough to access from the top then I might need to have a go and shuffle things around.