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Hi @matt. I noticed in update #132 the temperature of the water seems to be measured in Fahrenheit (hopefully, otherwise you’re really burning that coffee :disappointed_relieved:). Will this be something that’s configurable? It would be nice if you could choose C or F.

I guess the same question for weight/volume of water. Grammes seems like an odd choice. I would have thought ounces for US and millilitres for everyone else.

Have you thought about language translations for the UI too?


One option would be to decide the units that the API deals with (you probably already have) and just have the front end handling any translation.
One problem with that could be that if you had alternative front ends (Home Assistant…), they would also have to do the translation.


Hey @jjok! Yeah, temp is configurable. It’s in the main machine settings menu but might be good to add it to the first boot sequence.

Agree on the grams weirdness. But surprisingly enough, tons of the pour over recipes I’ve been digging into from stateside cafes/roasters use grams. This specific recipe was pulled from a video for a Kalita Wave pour over that I was getting really good results from. My goal with the community recipes is to let folks put their own “fingerprint” on them. So since this specific cafe’s method uses grams, that’s what the recipe displays. I don’t want someone, excited to see their favorite cafe on the list, to go “Hey this is bullshit, that cafe uses 400 grams of water, not 400 ml”! We all know it’s the same but people are weird and stupid in so many strange and different ways.

Mugsy will convert any units to your preferred units and you are able to select what units to use when making a new recipe.

Here is the actually video I got that specific recipe from: A

I have not given a ton of thought to internationalization/languages just yet. It’s definitely on the todo list and I’ve had some people reaching out offering to help with their specific languages.


“25g of beans and 400g of water makes 11oz coffee”? :roll_eyes:


:rofl: Impossible to deny that there is some really dumb shit involved in current cool kid coffee culture.


Grams is used for coffee because the volume can change at different temperatures. With an increased temperature, liquids (and solids, but that’s irrelevant) will increase in volume. In practice, it doesn’t make much of a difference, but that’s the reason why grams are the standard universal unit for all things coffee. And it’s easier to just put your manual pourover setup onto a scale and stop when you hit the right number.
When you’re doing it automatically, there’s no need to stop at the right number :blush:


This question got me thinking: have you thought of the interface language? Don’t need it in Dutch (actually prefer english), but I can imagine Spanish/French/German being a sales plus and relatively easy to do.


So I’m German, and it would be nice to change the interface-language to german. I would also provide you with the german texts if I could get a list of the original texts.
If I get my mugsy, half germany wants one :smiley: :wink:


I would also love to help tranlate mugsy to german :slight_smile: let us know when we can be of assitant!


Thanks guys! Definitely eager to get internationalization started soon. There are still some plumbing changes I need to make for it to go smoothly and those are coming after primary functionality.

I’ll see if I can get together a spreadsheet with all text for you before then.


I can help with French translation


I have put together a rough internationalization worksheet here:

The plan is to export these lists as CSVs to populate translation tables in Mugsy’s DB

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but covers a large chunk of what is needed. The english column can not be edited.

I put columns for French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish. Feel free to add columns for your preferred languages.

There are two additional sheets:

  1. Notes- This is for any word or phrase that just doesn’t make sense in your language. Put in the English word or phrase and add an explanation on what works better in a given language.
  2. Terms to Add: This is for any obvious words or phrases that are not on the list for whatever reason. I will add them to the protected English column as they come in.

Feel free to put your name/username at the end of the translation you added so I can give credit on the Mugsy Big Boss Kill Screen. Use this format so I can strip it out easily: *name*

OK, thanks for the help on this! Let me know if you have any questions!

Edit: updated share settings, everyone should now be able to edit without requesting access.


Can we edit/fix some translations?

I can see the French is already done but I spotted typos and missing words

Just asking as I don’t want to offend the person who did the translation.


I just added a corrections sheet with columns for “Original Text”, “Correction” and “Reason”. Thrown them in there and we can move them over once approved.


Thanks matt! you are awesome! I made some (very few!) corrections for the german translation (mostly to get them closer to day-to-day german for better understanding, so people understand mugsy as good as possible). Regarding “water heater” there is a question mark left for me. Maybe you could have a look into the spreadsheet, I have left a question in the corrections.

And also thanks to Lars for the german translation! Maybe he could have a look too to see if he strongly disagrees on any of my “corrections”. If so just write me a pm here :slight_smile:.


Thanks for your corrections! I mostly agree with all of your changes. I added a comment to “start heater” in the corrections. I think we need more context to get the right translation.


@matt in the corrections section of the spreadsheet some people (including me) feel that “drink coffee and destroy” and “robot coffee for all” are more like slogans (and awesome hashtags :wink:) so you might consider not translating them to other languages.


Hello everybody!

I have added Czech translations. Maybe there are some errors so I will show it to my friend (he is professional translator). I hope I will not be the only one who will use it :smiley:



I have added Polish translation. Hope it helps with pushing this product to polish community (when it’s ready ofc):slight_smile:


Thanks so much @Bronchi!