International Shipping


As a Europish coffe devourer i am eagerly looking forward to when this finally arrives at my home, but with no stress. There is one thing i’m wondering based on earlier experiences with month long deliveries from kickstarter campaigns and such. Shipping overseas - what means of freight will be used, will it go by boat or plane - thus making it a longer anticipational period or shorter. Ie when its shipped, should i hold my breath until delivery or is it fatal?


What country are you in? We are using Fulfillment by Amazon for delivery but what that means can vary drastically from region to region.


I’m located in Sweden (Unless you can convince someone on your side of the puddle to buy us instead, then i live in the US.) is it amazon then i have good experience with their logistics and shipping from the US. I won’t hold my breath but i won’t pace anxiously either.


Ha! My only purchasing advice for that ear would be large and oddly shaped things to stick somewhere. I love Sweden too much to do that to you.

I mentioned this a bit on the discord channel, but I will have an EU shipping FAQ in the next update. I’ve gathered a ton of info over the last couple of weeks but have not yet had a chance to compile it into a useful doc for users.


:slight_smile: I started thinking, what things, and where and who untill the coffe kicked in and i went - ooooh.
Nu rush, i’ll wait as long as it takes, this is a far to good a project to be unpatient about it.
Thanx for all the replies.