How many working Mugsy exist in the world?


The answer right now seems to be Zero

However, this para from the last blog post seems exciting

“Software feature set and parts designs are currently locked and there will be no new features added until after all kits have shipped, except for major bug fixes.”

So no further work is needed. The thing is finally finished! They can just be shipped now. Hopefully this can be a nice positive thread as they all finally start to arrive.



One at Mugsy HQ (I assume).
One test shipment of random parts way back when.
Two full shipments to backers (but not yet assembled).

Fingers crossed.


I guess at least 2 Units one is Matts the other is in the buildup process since aloooong time.
The real numbers are not clear at all.
Though nothing was shipped during the last year I think 2 is the right number