How do I cancel my order?


Thanks, @matt and @johndezember, for your help!


Hi @Shan,
There has been a lot of activity over on the discord chat if you want to get the latest:

Also, I believe Matt is going to post an update to the blog and Kickstarter tonight.

If you want a refund, Matt has been pretty open about sending him an email at with you order info.


Thanks @johndezember I spoke with @Shan on FB last night and started the refund process but wanted to leave this response up for future users: Refunds typically takes 2-3 days to cycle out of our backend and then another 5-7 business days to get from our payment processor(Stripe) to your account. EU orders sometimes take an additional couple of days to clear. On rare occasions our ticketing system does not properly triage support requests and I may not catch them until I pull reports. If you do not get a response from me within 72 hours it’s totally ok to shoot me another email as that will trigger a sev 2 ticket automatically. Thanks!


Hey Matt, I’ve email and submitted 2 tickets now for a refund and haven’t heard anything back? The 1st ticket was submitted 15 days ago, is emailing or making a ticket still the best approach or should I be doing something different?


@tomatobrown Apologies, ticket may have been mis-filed from my end. What is your order #? I will shoot you a confirmation and refund details when doing emails tonight. Thanks!


Sounds good, order number is: 00589
and support tix:

I guess you don’t have to do anything cause my credit card reimbursed my via disputing the charge. Let me know if you want me to to reverse that and handle it a different way. Otherwise, I dont need anymore help


Gotcha, yeah it already came out from my processors account so it’s fine to just leave it. Really sorry I missed your ticket!