How could I miss this? / When can I get in on this?


I’m absolutely flabbergasted at how I could miss this. This is so up my alley, it almost seems like a parody of my interests; I am heavily addicted to Kickstarter and my two main hobbies are 3-D printing and coffee…

I cannot for the life of me understand how I could miss this project and now that I finally found it, the pre-orders are closed!

So while my first question might be impossible to answer (science may simply never be able to give us a satisfactory answer), my follow up might be easier to adequately answer: when can I get in on this? When is the next pre-order period? Would there be any chance at all at if being on a sort of backup list in case the production yield was greater than expected or someone cancels their pre-order?

(I would prefer to go in on the DIY kits with an extension to be able to use it with my chemex)

Irrespective of any of the answers I might or might not get, this project looks great, keep up the good work, I’ll be following along enviously!


Thanks for the kind words! I’ll typically open up the preorder for a day or two when I have a couple of cancelations so I can cover the cost of those units.

The next proper ordering period with significant availability will not be until we have shipped all of the existing orders.

Shoot me an email at and I will put you on the list to be notified of any limited availability when it pops up.


Oh, here’s to hoping someone gets cold feet! Dropped you a line


Update: someone got cold feet, I didn’t! :sunglasses:


Glad to have you in the club!