Home Assistant Integration


It’d be great if we could integrate Mugsy with Home Assistant. Several ways to do so likely, for instance via a HTTP API, but MQTT is also a possibility. Have a Home Assistant setup and not much dev experience with it, but would be willing to help integrate the two.


That would be cool! I’ve never even heard of that, but now I want to get it set up. If I do get it set up, I’d be down to take a stab at it!


I’m looking into Home Assistant, too. I recently got a z wave thermostat and smoke/CO2 detector and have been reading up on building a Raspberry Pi z wave controller using Home Assistant. Really cool stuff, can hardly wait to start building!


RPI running Domoticz + RFX433 + ZWave linked to Apple’s Home via MQTT/Mosquitto running smoothly here.
Siri ? Open the Blind and poor me a Coffee please.
Ouch ! Siri ? Dimm the blind and make the Coffe STRONG please :slight_smile:
Will happily enter beta team if needed.


@lc.fabre you should definitely sign up!


Hey, @lc.fabre, what are you using for ZWave?

I picked up a Razberry Gen 2 from http://z-wave.us/razberry.html
I only have a two devices, but the inclusion process craps out between 60-90% only enabling some of the device features. I’ve been trying to figure out if the issue is with the Razberry, Z-Way server, or the devices I’m trying to include.


Hi John,
I use this USB dongle : https://www.planete-domotique.com/controleur-z-wave-plus-z-stick-gen5-aeon-labs.html

The software is Domoticz.
The devices are switch and button from fibaro

I had to active encription to have a correct peering between domoticz & the devices


Hey. I think now would be a good time to start thinking about what kind of functionality we would want from a Home Assistant integration. It would be worth following along with DECAF, Mugsy’s API, to make sure it offers all the features required for the integration.