Github Dev Channel Link


Hey folks, wanted to release the Mugsy Dev Channel Github link before it got too late tonight. I uploaded the initial STL release from last week and am cleaning up the initial code for the hardware API endpoints commit.

If you want dev channel updates, star the repo so you will be notified when we add any code.

Find it here:

We will start ironing out the code submission process and style guides starting in the first week in April. I will be adding to the main readme as we add more content.

Thanks and have a great night!


This makes me wish I wasn’t garbage at development. Gotta put my bachelors in computer science to work somehow, I guess. If anything, this’ll motivate me to learn skills that’ll better my abilities and open up more job opportunities. I’ve spent too much time just thinking in sql.


I hear you, but no worries because a lot of the best devs are garbage at dev! It’s much more important to know how to find answers and break down problems than it is to know every thing about a specific language. Just keep grinding and you’ll get there. I find its way more productive to find something you want to make and work out the steps than it is to start at the “this is a variable” stages.


See, now that’s what I excel at. Finding answers to things I need to know. I’m always looking to learn more. Definitely excited to play around with Mugsy.


@matt Do we even know what language you’re using? I’m guessing Python? Are there any frameworks involved for back or frontend?


All of the control code is written in Python with a PHP middleware layer connecting it to the front end. Front end is primarily just straight html/js although I am integrating more React all the time.

No php/python frameworks currently but I am very open to community suggestions on how we move forward. I think once the dev community is up and running completely, I will sort of be Mugsy’s philosophical guide, while the community as a whole will be directing which directions we take Mugsy in.


Why do u even need php at all? Python can be easily used for any middleware layers


When I initially got started a few years back my python chops were lacking. I know PHP like the back of my hand so that’s what I used to get up and running. The complete system will eventually be all Python but we will allow devs to create integrations(apps, plugins, features) in php or python.


I see. It was just making little sense to introduce php into stack by default when everything can be done in one language :slight_smile:
I can help with development with python and react ( but no php xD )


@matt is the PHP stuff still a part of it, or has that been replaced by the Flask app?


The Flask app has replaced all of the API and back end PHP. There is still PHP in some of the front end files. They are mostly one off helper scripts that the Flask API has made redundant. Plan is to remove the ones we can and convert any others to Python. I’ll be pushing the front end code to the repo over the weekend.