Flavor injection? (Sacrilege I know)


Somewhat along the lines of adding bourbon shot…

I really don’t want it! I’ll never use it!
To get the buy in from my wife I would have to be able to add her nasty “flavor” because why would you just drink “normal” coffee.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Although it’s not my place to judge how people drink their coffee, and I am not affiliated with the design of Mugsy whatsoever - I think it’s important to determine what Mugsy is and what it isn’t. I see a lot of posts on these forums for adding milk foamers and (now) a feature to add flavour - these are features I would commonly associate with those home espresso machines. Do people add syrups / flavours to pour over coffee?

(in my mind) Mugsy is a machine which is designed to automate the pour over process. Anything beyond that is muddling what Mugsy is. Of course Mugsy is open source so adding a Peristaltic Pump with a tube fed into a bottle of syrup is quite easily achievable (you could make that as simple or as complex as you see necessary) but adding a syrup shot to the mug before you put the mug into Mugsy seems simple enough, just as adding a sugar cube to your mug after it is complete would be.

Or do we need to add a feature to add teaspoons of sugar as well? :thinking:

No rudeness intended - just sharing my opinions.


I definitely agree. First and foremost Mugsy is about automating pour over coffee. Add to that the fact that pour over coffee is a more complex time consuming process than drip because it is designed to get more/better flavor out of the coffee. I would say that means adding these other things would tend to be for relatively small numbers of people and not necessarily worth it for the main project. That being said, part of the point of making it open source is so people can figure out these types of things themselves if they see enough need for it and I am sure someone will create a how-to on adding something like this.

That is really just my opinion and I know a lot of people who will disagree with that, everyone likes their coffee their way nothing wrong with that.


I have to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments on this thread. It’s really quite rewarding for me to read.

My vision for Mugsy has always been to do one thing and do it extremely well. Obviously I have traded one type of complexity for another, but even with all the tech, Mugsy is still an inherently “simple” machine to me. I do see a future for Mugsy to be something more than V1 if everything keeps growing. But even when I imagine what a V5 Mugsy will be capable of, the reality is that I still see a simple machine.

Mugsy functionality should be deep but not complicated. I do not see a point in time where “Official Mugsy” will come equipped with anything that would supply milk or flavorings.

But once Mugsy is out there in the world, what it becomes is not really up to me. The depth that an open source and easy to manipulate tech stack provides will allow for functionality like this to be created easily and frequently. There will always be more pins on Mugsy’s boards for hackers to plug into, and more python tutorials to sort out how to make this thing do that thing.

When it comes to my coffee, I’m stubborn but easy. Freshly ground and black. That’s it. So no, we probably won’t ever release a Mugsy Milk Upgrade Kit. But we will 100% support, encourage and facilitate the creation of new functionality by users of all skill levels.

I could go on for hours about my design philosophies and how Mugsy is basically a showcase for them, but I’ll stop there for now. This might be be a good topic for a blog post, a Mugsy Manifesto would probably be good for the google juice…


Thanks all for your comments!

Well said Matt. I think in a year when mugsy has been out in the wild for a time you will be totally blown away by how far mugsy has evolved into tsomething you never could have imagined.

One of the biggest draws of this project for me is to see what the open source community will do to make mugsy into something: biger, better, different, similar? Or just customized to their preferences. Whatever happens we are here at a relatively blank canvas of Matt’s creation and I cant wait to see what becomes of it!


@matt great reply - far more polite and informative than my own! :joy: In all seriousness I think what you are building is really amazing and I’m excited to see what people do with their own Mugsy’s. I really don’t mean to discourage people from being creative and extending the feature set of this awesome project in any way.

@Fatmann66 - if you are interested in seeing a project that uses pumps then you could check this out: https://youtu.be/2DopvpNF7J4 - in the video they use a raspberry pi to pump measures of liquid from bottles to make cocktails. It might inspire you for an idea of how you might add a simplified implementation to attach a syrup bottle to Mugsy.


@Fatmann66 Totally agree!

@peterjonesio No worries, your post did not come across as discouraging at all! I love seeing that there are different opinions and philosophies about what Mugsy is and can be on a fundamental level. And it seems like your thoughts are quite aligned with my own on this specific subject. Cheers!


@matt Nice to see that your vision for mugsy is what I was expecting and really exactly what I want. I also would never want to discourage people from coming up with their own modifications to add on to mugsy to make it their own or using other people’s ideas and how-to’s to modify their mugsy.

For me I just want a system that makes a good cup of coffee that I can tune to perfection as necessary, I always take coffee black and if someone is at my house and wants to add to their coffee that is up to them, but the coffee maker won’t encourage it by doing it for them.


I absolutely agree as scope creep is a valid concern since the product is still in the pre order stage

Ideas are nice but profits keep the train rolling