Discord server?


Just a thought, would be great if there was a Discord server for the community to chat :slight_smile:
More than happy to help set this up if others think it would be useful


I’m more of a Slack kind of guy, but I have both apps on my phone


Honestly, since this is a open source and open hardware project a matrix room would be so much more in line! Stand by that, no change if you dont change your habit.


I do have existing Slack and Discord set ups for Argyle Labs, can definitely open one up. I’m not familiar with Matrix but will check it out.


I haven’t heard of Matrix either, intrigued though!

As for the Discord I think it would be a good place to have various channels for announcements, hugsy chat, general coffee talk, listing integrations, etc.

If you’re interested I can get something basic setup then invite you as an admin? I imagine you’re already swamped with things to do


Thanks! I’d prefer to use the one I have already created just to keep everything under the same accounts. I’m happy to make you an admin though. I’ll also get @dphillips admin as he has been the one managing the forum. I probably won’t get to it today but will get to it by tomorrow AM.


Discord channel is mostly configured, public release will be going out in Monday’s update. @daleanthony send your preferred email contact to me at matt@heymugsy.com so I can make you an admin once live.


Discord link: https://discord.gg/wSSkJU


Is it possible to get a new Discord invite please? The one above has now expired.


New Discord invite: https://discord.gg/v5PMWr4


Brilliant, thank you.