Descaling tubing watertank


It must quite easy to make a descaling program to make sure that tubuing, watertank and cone etc remains clean. If you pure some vinegar through the water system and afterwards clear water it would probably keep it clwean. Where I live it is necessary to descale.


Thanks Martin, I’ve never lived somewhere that required descaling so I am not very familiar with the process beyond its basic description. So I’m open to the communities suggestions on best practices.


Great, let’s see what others have to say about this. When I get Mugsy I will be happy to experiment to get the right settings.
Am I understanding it correct that there are one peristaltic pump on each side of the water heater? And that they can be controlled individually?


I descale my espresso machine. You fill the water tank with cold water and add the descaling powder to it. Then you just run the water through the machine, leave it for a bit, run it again, leave it… until the tank is empty. Then you run a whole tank of clean water through it.
I guess it should be pretty simple to add a mode that does that. You’d want to run the pump, but keep the boiler switched off.


@matt which parts of the machine could be affected by limescale? Whatever’s heating the water is the main thing, right?


@jjok Yeah, Im thinking the kettle section will be the main issue too. Ill do some more research against the rest of the materials.


@Martin The water is currently heated in it’s own container so both pumps are after the heater. This may or not may change for the production version. I am still working through different options with the supplier.


Is there a diagram or something that shows all the parts that the water flows through? Eg water tank -> pump -> boiler -> pump -> the coffee-making thing. I don’t think I’ve seen anything about the internals.


@matt @jjok yeah it would be great to have a diagram for the water flow to get a better understanding of how it works.


@jjok @Martin Hey guys, Im swamped today but will put a diagram together tomorrow for you. Hope all is well!


Sure, no hurry from me


I use citric acid rather than vinegar. I feel it’s less likely to leave lasting flavor behind, but have no objective evidence for that.

Anywhere hot water goes will need occasional descaling. It needs hot descaling solution to be in contact for long enough to dissolve the calcium carbonate. Then it needs enough clean water to pass through, to flush away any flavour.

It would be enough to run a normal coffee-making process a few times, minus the coffee itself. But cool bonuses would include:

  • a descaling reminder
  • a flush mode, that just pumps a full tank of water through the system.


I guess it would be difficult to know when to remind people, as it will depend on the hardness of the water, as to how often you descale.

You could always have a setting somewhere:

Remind me to descale every [100] coffees.


Exactly, yes, a setting.

Unless the performance of the heater could be used as a proxy for limescale caking – but I imagine you’d want to have descaled long before that becomes a measurable factor.


Great ideas, I agree re: reminders and cleaning/flushing cycles.

I have attached three basic diagrams:
1- Pour over mechanism
2- Pour over mechanism exploded-ish
3- Water flow

Let me know if you have any questions. I probably wont be online much tonight but will be at my desk most of the day tomorrow.


Agreed with citric acid, the vinegar leaves some flavor


When you get a new washing machine during setup you set the hardness of the water. In this case a similar thing could be applied and the reminders would be based on that. And with time as more users fine tune the settings the “hardness scale” for Mugsy must improve


I’ve never noticed flavor from vinegar, but I flush really well. I’ll have to try citric acid.