Confused about Shipping


Hi there.
My deep dive result says the following:
Order #: 176
Shipping Address: XXX
Status: Shipped
Expected Delivery Date: 2/19/20 (Estimate)
Tracking: Unavailable
Last Updated: 2020-02-08 13:03:15

So i thought it’s already on the way.
But after I read the Update #253 it seems, that this is not the case.
Some people may be happy with so many updates, but some like me may just be disappointed that so many statements have not been kept. And the question arises whether this is the right way, because it feels like a delay tactic, because something always comes up in between. I understand that there are new problems here and there, but we are now 15 months behind the promised delivery date and I have an Info in the Deep-Dive that it is shipped and will arrive today 15 month later then expected, and I have an Info in the Update #253 that it’s not shipped.


I’m in a similar situation.

I’m actually fairly comfortable with the lateness – it feels as if we’re getting close, and if it comes in the next few months it won’t be the latest a Kickstarter project has delivered for me.

But Deep Dive is a great idea that seems to have gone wrong somewhere. Mine has said “shipped” for months, has a “sideline status” of “paused”, and claims to still be located in Queens.

I think Deep Dive needs a thorough glossary (if “shipped” doesn’t mean “packed in a box and on its physical journey to my delivery address”, what does it it mean?) – because at present I don’t understand what it’s telling me.

Or, if Deep Dive can’t give a customer information that’s meaningful to them, perhaps it should be replaced by an “under construction” sign until it can.


I’m gonna be AFK most of the day with day job nonsense but will jump on these questions tonight or tomo mid day at the latest. Thanks!


Hey guys, I’m gonna be slow to jump back on this until tomorrow’s update. I’m grinding hard on getting this shipment out tomorrow and ignoring everything else. I will get answers to all questions then. Cheers!


Hey all, back on Mugsy after taking the whole weekend off. Will be on these tonight. Appreciate your patience while getting back to these requests!


@slim I agree with your points about Deep Dive. It was another attempt to simplify the process of keeping people informed with order updates. Nothing is ever as simple as intended though and it became a whole other job keeping it updated. I will do a deep dive into Deep Dive(wah wah) in Friday’s update and hit on your points/requests. I will also try to work out a proper and regular update schedule so folks know when they should expect to see new data.

@klotzi I think my wording in that update led to some confusion. Units have shipped but I found it necessary to do additional testing with some backers before I felt comfortable releasing all units. In addition to the deep dive info, I will go into detail on unit totals and ETAs in Friday’s update. I definitely appreciate your perspective and will make sure I clarify this info and what it means for all backers.



the deep dive now gives me the expected delivery date 03/19/20. is this realistic?


@Klotzi Answer is NO. no shipping info is reliable.
Neither any update Matt has done since months. (things are packed but not so much but in FBA but others are to be sent directly unless blablabla)

And COVID-19 has no impact on deliveries since nothing is moving :slight_smile: .


@matt now it changed to 04/03/20. I think it’s also not realistic?


I see the estimate has slipped another month. This is now getting ridiculous. How about an actual update that:

a) provides some actual information, and
b) is based upon some form of reality.


Every update he provides makes it sound like units reaching people are just around the corner. Week after week, it is always the same. So no, there is no evidence that any information he provides is remotely accurate in any way. Many of the updates are also apologies about not providing more updates. All the updates in the world are useless unless units are shipping to people. All his updates sound like a bunch of stressed out scattered thoughts. I wish he would stop providing updates and managing estimates, and instead reinvest that energy into getting units to actually ship to people. I have not seen anyone successfully build a complete shipped unit and post pictures or videos of it.

Matt, all other updates should stop until then. Don’t reply to messages on this forum, don’t post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else. Don’t read this forum and respond to posts. Re-invest that energy into shipping units. Prioritize. If you have more than one priority you have none. That is what “priority” means. Make your dream a reality. I am okay with a user feedback and refinement period with each batch that gets shipped, but as long as nobody has a Mugsy, everything else is meaningless.


Yes, I totally agree.I paid for mine on 1/5/19. While I would like a realistic estimate of when this is going to ship, I would rather have the project more. I don’t understand why this project hasn’t shipped months ago. I haven’t seen anything mentioned on the site that would hold up the project from shipping.All I see are shipping update after shipping update, estimating that mine is going to ship in 3-4 weeks, which, of course, has slipped I can’t tell you how many times.Yes, Matt, I understand that you have a “real” job. But you took my money and you haven’t delivered anything except broken promises. Please ship my project soon.