Cone removal access


Hey Matt,

Previously you had stated the cone removal was going to be by a quick release that let the mechanism it sits in tilt down. With these new magnetic catches where will we actually grab the cone from to remove the grounds and clean? Any chance you can show us a picture of the access?



Access will be from the right side panel. I just got some low profile bar shaped magnets in yesterday so I’m redesigning the mount yet again. I’ll get you some pics but it probably won’t be until tomorrow or Monday.

I still really like the design with the tilting mechanism and prefer it to this set up. My main issue is making sure the quick release is robust enough for long term use and the action is super smooth. I think we will accomplish it eventually but right now the pay off doesn’t match the time investment. It’s a little bit better but a lot more work.

Thanks and hope all is well!


Im printing another revision on this right now. Will try for pics tonight, if not tomo.


Thanks Matt. Sounds good, I look forward to seeing it!


Here is a low res print of the bar magnet mount. Really digging this form factor. I screwed up the m3 mounting screws clearance though, so gonna fix that real quick and reprint.


Resolved the screw clearance issue. The magnets have a super satisfying click when they lock and are quite strong:

Each unit will require 6 magnet connections(2 each for the side panels and the top panel), I have the other 5 printed and ready to go:

I’m gonna throw these on big red tonight and will get a cone removal demonstration out ASAP.


Heres the demo:

Ignore that ugly v3 proto grinder chute with all the support damage too…thanks!


Thanks for the demo and I do Matt! I think I may change the back to have a hinge so it swings out like a door for easier one handed access.

The magnets got me thinking. What about magnetically attached cone so you just pull it down to remove and clean? Simple idea, quite probably not a simple change for this iteration of the machine. That would be really nice though.