Coloured panels


I was also waiting on those photos but as Matt is now dispatching units I feel like that deadline is narrowing. :man_shrugging:


Sorry guys, been pretty bad at keeping up with the forum this week. Here are some clear side pics. I think its a cool look, the lighting really makes the internals pop.

I get some custom PC vibes which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences…
There is also a bit of an edge lighting effect that can be seen in the first pic.

One issue will be rerouting the screen flex cable so it doesn’t cut the view. There are a couple of options there.








Thanks a million @matt! Clear sides and top is way to go haha!


Just checking, but would the LEDs on the front and base panels shine through any of the other colours options or just white and clear?


It was clearly stated in this thread before, that you would need to go with white/clear variant to have joy of LEDs in the front panel.


Any chance there is a stainless option!?


@Michaelcurnutt Unfortunately, stainless panels probably isn’t something Matt can send out with a Mugsy, likely due to both cost and not having a supplier.

I think you could probably pick up stainless sheets of you wanted to, but It might be a little difficult to find 3mm thick sheets. I did a little searching on aliexpress and it looks hopeful, but you’d need to order & cut it yourself.

Another option (the one I’d probably go for) would be to find a stainless steel film to stick onto the acrylic panels. Not something I’ve dug too deep into, but there are plenty of stainless steel adhesive films available throughout the internet.

If you decide to go one of those routes (or another one if you think of something better), I’m sure we’d all love to see your results!


Looks like there are several nice looking stainless vinyl options.
Here’s one:

Also, here’s a stainless spray paint for the beams:


Understandable. I’ll look into my own SS sheets and cut them myself. If it works out to do this I’ll definitely show the results.


Stainless steel would be nice, and getting some sheets and cutting them probably would not be too bad, but I don’t trust myself to get it right at least not without some practice. The vinyl and paint options would be easier, but I would rather just stick with the panels that I ordered. For now anyways.


I plan on sticking with my panel selection for a while also.

The wide variety and low cost of vinyl sheeting would make it easy to customize Mugsy in the future.

Be sure to check local maker spaces for vinyl cutters. Loading the panel dimensions and hole locations should produce perfect cuts to cover the panels.


Yeah, I actually can’t cut steel here in the shop with any real dimensional accuracy so it’s not something I would integrate myself.


I’m expecting a plasma table to arrive soon… I guess I can make some if I want. :slight_smile:
Speaking of which, I tried to select my panel colors for my order and it comes up with a forbidden error.


Sweet, let’s do some trades! Form is working for me, are you using:


I used the link I was given before and never got around to… I refreshed with yours and it worked. Other one would not submit. I’m been too swamped to keep up, sorry!!


I’m totally down with trades… :slight_smile:


I submitted a cheeky panel revision form, Matt, hope it’s not too close to the wire!

Looking forward to your progress update