Coloured panels


FYI everybody following, knob color is now a choice on the mix & match panel form!


Hi there,
I’m still not decided about colours :smiley:
I love transparent cases, would it look nice to expose Mugsy internals this way? I not quite sure how to imagine how internals would be organised inside.
I’m mostly thinking about clear side panels or clear top panel.

What do you think?


Hey, @vojthor!
Really, I think it depends on where Mugsy will be living and your own style.
I also like transparent cases, but doubt my wife would want to look at Mugsy’s guts in our kitchen every day. :sunglasses:
I’m picking a nice front-facing color combo with a transparent back so I can turn it around to see inside if I want to. If this was going in my workspace, I would probably go full transparent.


I love transparent cases, would it look nice to expose Mugsy internals this way? I not quite sure how to imagine how internals would be organised inside.

Earlier in this thread, @matt said he would swap out the panels for the transparent ones on an assembled unit to show how Mugsy would look with the exposed internals. That should help make the decision (and what I’m holding out on filling out the panel selection form for.)


Should have this done tomorrow or Monday at the latest, finally getting to the tail end of all the juggling!


So when is the panel selection form going to update the picture with the choices so we can see what it would look like? :wink:

I’m a visual kinda guy. haha


@estebang has actually done some of the initial leg work on this but I haven’t had a chance to get back to him with the models yet. I’m doing the BOM release tomorrow so will be organizing all the CAD files which will help push that along…


Out of curiosity… what is the thickness of the panels in case down the road we want to cut our own?


All the panels are 3mm.


Well I was just kidding, but that would be sweet!


I assume the panel dimensions are going to be available on github? (maybe they already are… git is something I need to learn one of these days…)


Yeah, not sure if they are already on there yet but they will be.


Talking about panel colours. What is the default colour ? Do we get to choose? that would be great

I see the Panel Selection page but not sure if it is open to anyone.


@ppmt Glossy white is the default. I’m pretty sure Matt said kickstarter backers and preorders both can choose their colors, so feel free to pick out which panels yourd like!


@dphillips Thanks for the clarification. I guess I will fill in the form and Matt can decide to ignore it if needed :wink:

I just need to decide if black is not too dark for the led. My idea is to go bamboo on the side, clear at the back and black matt for the rest. I am hoping the led will be strong enough to shine through


@ppmt You won’t be able to see any light through the black. To quote the people Matt buys the acrylic from:

These solid black acrylic sheets will block light from passing through. Objects can’t be seen through them and the sheet won’t glow when backlit.

Here’s a picture of the matte black panel with something behind it.


Right that’s black out then :frowning: I need my LED

Glossy white was our second choice…


Is it too late for me to submit a form to request different coloured panels? Thanks.


@peterjonesio it’s not too late yet, but I’d hurry.


there should be deadline announced right? As some of us still waiting for the “clear Mugsy” photos :smiley: