Coloured panels


@matt Ok, cool. I’ll get to grips with the material switching in the API with some simple models and get back to you when we’re ready to drop in Mugsy :slightly_smiling_face:


Added the swatches to the form page:

And here:


Thanks! Just put mine in for matte white panels, with the exception of bamboo sides and a clear back :heart_eyes:


Hey @matt. Did you try matte white for the two LED panels? Does the light shine through as well as with the gloss?

Is the matte as easy to clean as the gloss?


I have ordered Teal for one of my Mugsy’s. Is it not available anymore?


It looks like clear, red, teal and bamboo aren’t on the swatches, but are on the list.

I think teal and red were the two “official” colours, in addition to white, so I expect they definitely still available.


Can you even have a swatch for clear? My guess on the red and teal is that since there are pictures of completed Mugsys in those colors, Matt didn’t feel the need to put them on the swatches. Don’t know for sure, though.


Oh maaan. That red one looks nice :roll_eyes:


Here’s the swatch for the clear one :point_right:


I’m a fan of the black anodized knob, too!


Yeah. I wonder if we can choose the colour of that…


Hey guys, sorry for any confusion on the form. Yes red and teal are official so they are always available. This form was meant for the folks who selected “other” on the original form. I should combine both of them together so it makes a bit more sense.

Good call on the knob as well, I will add that to the form.

@jjok Diffusion looks great on the matte but don’t have a pic yet. Easy to clean but I do expect it may stain easier than gloss due to the texture.


@matt Do you think we’d get a chance to see an all clear panel Mugsy? I know that requires you to have a full set of panels and a fully assembled Mugsy, so no worries if it’s not possible. But seeing how the clear panels might show off the interior would help make the panel color decision.



I don’t have any clear on hand but I will grab some on Wedneday. Shouldn’t be a problem to swap out the panels on one of the units.


+1 on the clear panels. I’m leaning that way but wondering if I should go all clear or just top panel only.


Just got back from the plastic shop. Here is a quick pic of a clear panel so you can see clarity and transparency levels. Will have some time to get the panels on a machine later today or tomorrow. More pics to come then.


Are you sure you’re holding anything?


Question on the clear…
If we get a clear top will we be able to see into bean hopper to see how many beans we have left?

And to clarify… there are only lights for the front screen panel and the mug tray bottom correct? (So I can get the white).

Thinking white front and tray but black for the rest except maybe clear top to see inside and check beans (if visible)

edit Not that you are not busy enough BUT… if you have spare time could we see the difference in led diffusion on the white glossy vs matte?


No go on checking beans through the clear lid. The hopper is black and airtight to help keep beans fresh. When you load your beans you will enter the weight and it will track usage over each brew and alert you when getting low. There are probably some additional methods to track usage with some sensors but this was easiest to implement for me and checked off all my reqs.

Yes, LEDS are on the screen panel and the mug platform panel only.

Yeah, i’ll get you a pic of the differences in diffusion between matte and glossy. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now, apologies for slacking on that!


Here is a the diffusion test for glossy vs matte. A couple of things to note:

  • Left is glossy, right is matte
  • First clip is with leds against the panel so its barely diffused, second clip is with the led’s moved a few mm behind the panel(as they are in Mugsy’s design)
  • These lights are super bright and they blow out my phone’s camera. The lighting looks way better in person.
  • I got my girlfriends opinion as well and we both agree that the matte has slightly less diffusion than the glossy. It’s barely noticeable. So much so that if you prefer one finish over the other you shouldn’t worry about it.
  • I dropped my phone in my cat’s litterbox while filming this.