Coloured panels


Hi @matt. Will the sets of panels be available for purchase? I think the black or matt black would look win my kitchen, but I understand that the lighting won’t really work. I was thinking maybe I can get the black as an extra set, then mix and match, with black sides and a white front or something.


Definitely. I’m hoping to get out to my supplier today so I can share the additional color samples. Might be tomo depending on how the rest of the day goes though. I’ll post them here once I have them.


I made it out to see my plastic guy. I won’t know what colors will definitely be available until I laser the panels tomorrow and install them on a head unit. I’d rather have less colors that all look great than some that look like shit once they are on the unit. The matte black looks really really slick! Gives the appearance of a much higher quality plastic than acrylic.

I also got some matte white that looks great. I’m really interested to see how that handles the led diffusion. I think it may actually look smoother than the gloss white. I also have plenty of gloss black in the shop, just forgot to grab a sample square so I could not include it in the above pic.

I’m already not digging the true blue but that may change once I see it installed…


Holy hotness those look beautiful! I’ll take one of all of them! (Just kidding, my wife would murder me)


I’m thinking a two tone set would be badass. Matte black for the top half and red for the base.


I’m thinking matte white for the front panel (or wherever the LEDs are) and matte black for the rest. :sunglasses:


Oh maaan. There are too many possibilities. I didn’t know we’d be able to pick the colour of the side panels too. :disappointed_relieved: Should I stick with bamboo, or go all black?


Which panel has the LED’s that show status of the brew cycle (Green to Red, Red to Green, whichever it is)? Also, if you want to be able to see that, it needs to be white, correct?


Yeah. The Screen Panel needs to be white for the LEDs to work.


I like the option for a clear back panel to get a peek inside at the coffee-making magic!


I can’t believe I missed that clear was an option. For when you want your coffee robot to have a '90s feel to it. I need to see a completely clear Mugsy now.


So to be completely honest, the latest update with the form left me with more questions than answers @matt . All good though, because now I have a bazillion choices to go through. Just a few things I wasn’t sure about though

  1. Do you have a picture of all the new colors? The matte options didn’t make it I think, but there’s now also a purple and yellow and clear, that aren’t pictured above. And is the black matte or glossy?

  2. The front needs to be white for LEDs, are there any other constraints? (mug platform?) How did the tests with other colors go regarding diffusion

  3. I could imagine the white gets dirty or shows dirt/scuffs/nicks/scratches better. Is that true?

  4. Lastly - Doesn’t this make your logistics a nightmare? Is there really no added cost? It’ll be next to impossible to have everything in stock at the relatively limited volumes wont it?

(oh and bonus tip: it would be awesome if there was a configurator that rendered your color choices, but guessing that’s a production-level feature :slight_smile: I might have be able to make some time to build something.)


Haha, I knew adding to the confusion was a possible outcome! Apologies!

  1. I do have pictures but won’t have time to get them up for another 24 hours. Good eye on the matte/glossy status, the only available matte is on the black and the white. I will add that to the form. I should also have the matte white diffusion pics tests in tonights update.

  2. There are also LEDs on the mug platform. For the other colors, some light does pass through but the panel color filters it so it looks brown and muddled, if it comes through at all. There’s an eventual option of doing a thin white inlay for the led region but I just don’t have the tooling to do something like that this round.

  3. The glossy white does get smudgy but it’s easy to wipe off with a dry cloth. Glossy black shows way more fingerprints and smudges. Acrylic is fairly easy to scratch. That being said, only scratched area on my 000 prototype is the top panel because I have a bad habit of using the top for random storage. None of the other panels have scratched over the last year or two.

  4. A couple of months ago, yes this would have been totally untenable. I then discovered a plastic importer with a storefront on Canal St here in NYC. It’s just a couple of subway stops away from my place. The prices are very good for low quantities of different colors. So what I originally did for all of our white panels(importing from China), they do for every single color and thickness. Since it’s so local to me, I have zero shipping costs which is enough savings to make it almost the same cost if I had imported them in bulk. I’m there once or twice a week looking at new stuff or grabbing panels for other random projects. So I’m able to resupply as easily as getting groceries. And in realty, very few backers are updating the panel colors. Less than 5% actually. But those of you who are changing things up, tend to all be super supporters. So it’s the folks commenting here, helping out on code, answering questions or just being super loud cheerleaders. Combine all of these things together and it’s a no brainer.

And yes on the configurator! I thought about making one for about 10 seconds and then my brain told me to shut the hell up. One day, not soon. You definitely have my blessing and support if you want to dig into it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great questions!

Mug Tray Lighting

Matt! I submitted a form, but then someone in this thread suggested a way cool option for the rear panel to be clear. So, I submitted a second form. Will you see that? I want the second form! I’m giddy like a school girl to get this in February! C’Mon Man!


No worries, you are good to go!


On the configurator… I assume it does not matter if we are getting the ‘XL’ extensions and that panels for that side will be in the color we choose (think it mainly matters for side and mid-back panel). Just trying to get the wife to decide…


@ccrowder I think Matt said somewhere that he’d cut the panels to your size. I’ll dig around and see if I can find it. It very well may have been in a private conversation or I always could have imagined it. I’ll come back and let you know if I find it (assuming Matt doesn’t beat me to it)

Edit: as of the last time I asked him (which, admittedly, was a while ago), he said he thinks he’ll have panels available in the correct sizes, but hadn’t worked out all the logistics yet. Considering he found a local acrylic dealer, I’d guess the chances are greater now than they were a couple months ago, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hi all

First post on the community forum, great to see how far you’ve come. Maybe I have something useful to contribute…

@matt I’m working on a small project to build an interactive tour using the Sketchfab API. I could probably ensure that these efforts also benefit Mugsy with the result of a fairly simple 3D configurator a la:

Assuming you have some 3D models of mugsy this should be fairly trivial. Otherwise working up some CAD files into the right formats, parts and materials will be a bit more effort, but probably not too painful.

Any interest?


Personally I’d love this.

With all the ideas in this thread I’m having buyers remorse on the colours I selected (@matt, hopefully it’s ok to follow @mistermac and submit a second form?) but I’m terrible at picturing what something will look like and an interactive tool would be amazing.


@estebang I’m into it! I have 3d models of the entire enclosure.

@olle Sure thing, I will you use whatever your last form entry was. I’ll also be confirming everything before any shipment goes out so your pretty safe either way.

@dphillips Yup, any extension kits will get the correct panel heights. The side panels are two separate pieces, so only the one on the base section needs to match the extension.