Coffee with milk


Hey guys,
I saw this project a few days ago und I am so excited to test this genius coffee robot and see what’s everything possible.

So, today I ask me if it’s possible to get hot milk to the coffee from my wife. I’m not thinking about milk foam or so, but a way to heat the milk and fill it to the coffee automatically so the milk doesn’t cool down the coffee. I’m thinking about an outstanding tank so you can put it easily in the cooler. What would I need also? Silicone tubes and another pump… I hope I can use the heating element from mugsy for this too. How could I realize the cleaning?



I’ve got a similar idea, but with room temperature bourbon instead of warm milk.

  • You’d need some sort of refrigeration unit for the coffee, right? Assuming you wanted to keep it there all the time. You could fill it whenever you want it, but at that point it doesn’t seem like it’d be worth it.

  • Then you’d need to get it out of the refrigerated part into another area with a heating element, I’d imagine a separate one from the one for the water, but I’m honestly not entirely sure how the heating element works

  • You’re spot on with needing tubing (food safe) and a peristaltic pump. The pumps in Mugsy are peristaltic because peristaltic pumps don’t make any contact with the liquid. I think @matt has mentioned carrying these, but there are plenty of places to buy them online if shipping costs would be an inconvenience.

I think that’s all you’d need, but I’m sure Matt would be able to confirm this and make suggestions. I know he’s done it with whiskey before deciding to commercialize Mugsy. Also, I’m just spitballing, as I drink my coffee black.


Hey dphillips,

Thanks for your post.

A cooled tank was very cool but in first step I think it’s good to see how it works to warm the milk (or bourbon ;-)) and get it to the cup.
And how you can clean the tubes from the milk.

My whisky is room temperated everytime so I have not the problem it cools down the coffee to much :wink:


A milk foamer and heater is a standard feature on high end coffeemakers in the Mugsys price range

Definitely worth looking into


At my old work they had a refrigerated milk container that fed straight into a bean-to-cup espresso machine.
I imagine they’re fairly expensive though, and the tubes had to be cleaned out every day.


I think it tends to be espresso machines that have milk foamers.


It would be brilliant if you could automatically ‘flush’ the milk tubes with water after every use, then a proper clean would need to be done less frequently. And Mugsy could tell us when :slight_smile:


That is common for the milk steamer tubes on espresso machines, but I think the key here is that the milk steamer is specific to espresso machines because they already produce the steam, mugsy does not. So while I see some use cases for heated milk here you would not get a steamer without a separate system or a bit of a redesign.

Just having a secondary place for milk brings up the worry about spoilage unless you can keep it chilled somehow. An insulated storage would work short term, but then you would have to either have cold milk go into the cup, at which point the question in my mind is what does that save you from grabbing the milk from refrigerator and pouring a little in the cup, or you would heat the milk as it travels to the cup which is probably getting a little complicated.

Just my opinion, but I don’t really think mugsy is the best place for that, at least not in the short term, maybe a significant update and a larger, fancier model could be the place to look at that. Overall though I think that generally belongs on espresso machines, but not other coffee machines.