Can we get some tasty teasers


Got anything to show us while we wait?

3D model? REST API documentation? STL files? Draft build manual? UI design sketches? Bill of materials? Professional product photos? Full brewing video (with no panels on hopefully)?

It’s hard to contain my excitement.


Can I second this request? It’d also be more helpful in trying to sell my coworkers on backing this!


Im working on more in depth videos as I type this, they will be uploaded at some point on Wednesday. I will also start uploading STL and CAD files for some of the pour over mechanics this evening. I will put up the water sweep arm and the cone platform to get us going. Thanks!


@wywywywy in case you haven’t been on lately, there are a couple STLs on this thread :slight_smile:


It would be amazing if we could order blueprints. Imagine hanging up a massive blue diagram sheet on the wall behind Mugsy.

So cool!


Yeah, I’d be all over that. @matt please give us giant blueprints of Mugsy :heart_eyes:


I am into this idea!


Glad to hear it! Not all ideas are good but this one might be. You could contract a firm that makes architectural drawings and work with them to make large scale and pdf blueprints from your stl files or whatever you have on hand. I imagine having these drawn up and then printed and shipped might be costly so you could give them to backers, investors all the VIP people.