Can anyone confirm receiving a Refund?


Hi All,

I see a lot of chat her on refunds (myself included) but I’m unclear if anyone has actually manged to get one paid?

Can anyone confirm that?



I had recieved mine, asked before christmas. Got it early January. Stripe didn’t work and after some repeated contact over fb I got it byt paypal. I know of pergaps 10 more who have recieved theirs, both a while back and just some weeks ago.
It seems that all of us have had delays though.


According to the latest message from Matt I’m supposed to receive it via PayPal today or latest by tomorrow. So we’ll see, I hope I can confirm this tomorrow.


I’ve been waiting for the refund for months. Matt does not contact me as promised


Same here. Waiting for months now.


Same as most here. Promises of updates, problems with Stripe, promises of a refund through Paypal, more promises of updates, all promises broken.


According to @matt I should be getting my refund sometime next week via stripe. Not holding my breath though after reading these messages on here and facebook.


For all the people keeping score: I just received my refund.


Just received mine and then got this email:

“Hey Andy, refund should have just hit your PayPal. Can you confirm?”

I know I’m spoiling it as he probably reads this but I was thinking of replying saying that I’ve had to hop on something but will update him at 9.00pm on Thursday.

I contacted Stripe yesterday. Despite @matt telling me that he’d processed the refund weeks ago and logged a ticket and then it had bounced back, Stripe had no record of a refund being requested against my transaction.

Unfortunately, Stripe won’t be able to do anything. But if you’ve been told that you’re getting a refund through Stripe, contact them and ask if that’s actually true. You probably won’t have anything apart from the date, time and amount but give them as much as you can.

And @matt, you need to stop lying to people. I’m 99.9% sure you’re a good bloke and something has gone wrong. You could even be working and trying to pay the refunds from your earnings. I don’t know.

But you need to come clean now.

People will respect you for it. I’ve been in a similar situation where a business of mine went pear shaped. I tried to bluff it out with people but it became very clear very quickly that it wasn’t going to work so I held my hands up and told the truth. That meant I could sleep at night and bought me the time I needed to get my affairs in order.

I would thoroughly recommend that you at least think about this.

It looks like you have got a good product. If you play fair with people and come back in a year or whatever and you truly have something ready to sell then I reckon a good percentage of people will support you. I will, I promise. I explained one of the reasons for me wanting a refund was health and that’s the truth - I’ve even had to sell my bean to cup machine. But I promise that if you do the right thing with this and you come back with something ready to ship then I’ll buy one if I’m in a position financially.


I was able to get mine, but it basically took a month of messaging matt on facebook almost every day to eventually get it. It solidified that I really don’t think this is going to happen, and if it does, getting support for it after I receive it is going to be worthless.


Got mine too eventually via paypal. Took about a month also.


I’ve asked for a refund on May 1st. Still haven’t heard anything from @matt… It’s good to hear that some people finally are getting their refund. I can fully understand if it’s hard to fulfil all refund requests at once but please let us know something… If you are reading this @matt, my ticket number is #655.


After waiting for like a week after the date that I was supposed to get my refund (like two-ish months ago), I contacted Matt and did not hear anything. So I went to paypal and opened a case. In the end, I got my refund through paypal, because paypal did not hear a response from Matt regarding the case that I opened. If I didn’t do that, I fear that I would still be waiting for a refund to this day.

So yes, I got my refund, just not directly through Matt.


After Matt failed to meet his numerous shipping deadlines and later his refund deadline, I was able to successfully file and win a charge-back against him through my credit card (VISA). One of the rules for charge-back, at least where I am from (Canada), is it must be filed within 540 days after the original transaction and within 120 days of the expected delivery date. As Matt kept pushing his fake delivery ETAs back, he kept the window for charge-back open for me.


No refund and no word from anyone (including @matt re: ### #1395 REFUND Request - Website Backer 252