Brew Testing in Progress


Some of you may have seen this on the social channels already, but if not take a quick look:

Things are moving pretty fast now. This afternoon’s cup was really delicious. I’ve been playing with temp and flow rate to get rough guidelines for different strengths. Yesterday’s cup was really robust, a strong kick in the pants while this one was a great breakfast brew, super aromatic and fresh but not over powering at all. Perfect for some gentle pre-workday existential dread.

I still have to print the new servo mount so the spout is properly centered. Also not using the funnel for the grinder->cone while testing the pour over. Just grinding manually for now. Will be integrating the grinder into testing after a few more test brews.


Can it make a latte and do coldbrew?


Sorry for the delay in replying, didn’t see your last reply until doing some cleanup! Mugsy currently only makes pour overs, no espresso. I don’t actually drink cold brew so am not very familiar with how to make it. I imagine theres got to be some way to automate it with Mugsy…


Recipe for cold brew: take coarsely ground coffee grounds and some water (the more I look into it, the more it seems like the amount doesn’t matter how much). Mix and let sit for 12-24 hours. Remove grounds afterwards.

I’m all for automation, but I’m not sure I see the point for cold brew. Although, FrankOne claims to be able to do it in 4 minutes with a vacuum and finely ground coffee (I think). I would like to make FrankOne work with Mugsy, but that won’t happen for a long time due to FrankOne’s delivery being so far away.


I didn’t actually know what cold brew was. Someone on Reddit asked me if the Mugsy could do coldbrew.

Classic Reddit

Now that I know there doesn’t seem to be much point unless you want chilled water for the coldbrew and didn’t have a fridge for icecubes


@dphillips told me coldbrew was simply cold water infused with coffee over a period of several hours. The only thing Mugsy could contribute is the ability to dispense cold water into a cup of grounds. Adding a compressor to cool water would surely take up too much space.

You can chalk my suggestion there up to being misled by a sarcastic redditor

No automation required :slight_smile:

However about the latte, I have read that some coffee machines have a tube you can stick into a carton of milk and it warms and froths it before dispensing it into the coffee. It sounds a lot more convenient than boiling and whisking a small pot of milk in the morning so there is some potential there. If you want to add this beware of spoiled milk and toxic tubes!

Is there a reference page for Mugsy that has specs, diagrams and such

Like a manual?