Backer # Question


How can I find out what my Backer # is, so that I know where I fall in those delivery schedules? I’m jacked up to get this thing going!


Hey, @mistermac,

You can find your backer number by logging in to your Kickstarter account and browsing to the project page:

Click the “View Pledge” button (if you don’t see the button, be sure that you are logged in to Kickstarter):

Your Backer number will be at the bottom of the window that opens.


Thanks @johndezember :heart::heart::heart:


That doesn’t seem to work for me. I have a receipt from April 5th for my purchase, but when I log in, it doesn’t confirm that I am a backer. Any suggestions?



Hmm, @matt or Kickstarter might have to help with this. I received an email notice from Kickstarter that funding was successful and my pledge had been collected on the same day funding closed, March 30. I don’t recall/can’t find a separate receipt.


In the mobile app, the “View Pledge” button is at the bottom of the screen:

You backer number is displayed just below your name on the next screen.


@JMHubler It looks like you ordered on the website after the campaign had ended. I see an order with a very similar name for April 5th. If you can email your address to matt@heymugsy for verification, I will send you your order number and shipment position. I’m heading away from my desk for a bit so it may be a couple of hours before I can get back to you.



I assume for folks that ordered at our order number is our position once the kickstarter units go out.


Pretty much. But kits can also go out much quicker than assembled units. So kit orders will be going out before we finish sending every kickstarter assembled unit. I still don’t have the exact timings for the kit fulfillment but should in another 48 hours or so.


Hey @matt. I’m a little confused. On one hand, you say you’re about to start shipping Mugsy, but on the other, it kind of seems that the software isn’t really complete.
What’s the deal there? Are the software changes just improvements to something that is already working?


@jjok Yes, the Decaf API will replace what now consists of individual/one off scripts, both in Python and PHP. The plan is to have Mugsy switch over to use the decaf API for 100% of functionality once the API has enough features. Or “eating our own dog food” as they say.

The initial plan was to clean up and turn all of those existing scripts into Mugsy’s open source codebase that everyone would be hacking, but the code varies so greatly in quality, language and methods that I eventually realized a clean slate would make it much easier for other folks to get involved and excited about working with Mugsy.