Are there any schematics or models available?


Random thought… are there schematics or are the fusion360 models available for the entirety of Mugsy? I had a few ideas about the pour-over cone and some modifications but I really don’t know how everything even fits together or what room there is. An assembly in fusion360 would be great if you have it and want to share to let folks see how they might mod it. Even after I get my unit having ‘source’ files would make it a lot simpler then trying to take measurements.


Lot’s of individual CAD models here but no complete assembly yet. Will get on that for you next week.


@ccrowder Almost done with this, going to push it out in Saturdays update. I’ll also post it here.


Got stuck getting home last night with the NYC blackout so update will be going out tonight.


OK, still have like an hour or two to do on this but heres the Fusion file:

Still need to add remaining electronics, boiler, grinder and hopper as well as link the assemblies properly. 99% of the structural parts are in there though so should provide a good starting point. I set aside a couple hours to finish it up tomorrow.

I’ll also export to STEP files for folks not using Fusion.



Very nice! Thanks. Helps to be able to mess around and see what I might want to do/tweak before I get my machine


Here is the STEP file export for the above model: