Are the next pre-orders the final product?


I am one of your pre-orders. I know your are very busy so I don’t mind being patient receiving the pre-order. I’m just curious if the units you ship with be the final production unit? Or will it still have production changes after the units ship?



Matt’s doing making sure to have everything finalized before he ships any units! Mugsy will most likely be constantly evolving, but what he ships to us will be the finalized OG Mugsy. There may be (completely optional) hardware updates here and there for tinkerers, but nothing that is necessary for Mugsy to function properly. Any cool new add-ons will be made available to the public on github (say, 3d printable parts), or I imagine available for sale on I know he’s always looking to add more brewing methods to Mugsy, so we’ll probably see some of those in the future.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them here and I’ll either do my best to answer them or bug Matt to give us an answer!

(Matt, feel free to edit my comment if I got anything wrong)


Thanks for the update. I think its best not to rush it. That’s why I don’t mind waiting. As long as its software update that’s awesome.

Does @matt have his ballpark release date in mind? (Pure excitement in the question and not trying to make it about pressuring to finish)


Hoping to get the first units out next week, but it will be limited quantities. Then we will be ramping up unit totals over 3-4 weeks. Recent-ish preorders will be somewhere around 6 -8 weeks from now.