Arduino Clone QA


I can’t wait to get home from Germany to try it! Although, I also don’t really want to leave.


Bad news, beta buds. My postage printing setup had the incorrect postage and the boards were returned to my place. I wont be able to get back to the post office until Wednesday to reship. I will post an update here and on the email list once I get them sent out. If you have a non-us shipping address, you are not affected as I did not use USPS for those shipments.

Apologies for the delay, looks like my $7 food scale is no longer cutting it for postage calculations. Probably also explains why my head is getting rounder and rounder…


USPS are now much more intentional than they used to when checking weight/size/destination and postage paid. I made the mistake of weighing a package before adding closing tape (didn’t think it would make a difference) and had to pay extra at the counter. If you use a service like Stamps(dot)com or Endicia, they just bill (or credit) you the difference thanks to Automated Package Verification.

I’ve had good luck with AWS scales (two so far in 18 years). They stay calibrated through frequent use and even traveling. They also came with calibration weights that I toss on there from time to time. I have only had to run through the calibration process a couple times.


Thanks John, all good info. I am actually using Endicia labels so will have to investigate and make sure Im using the service correctly. Also just ordered an AWS postal scale :slight_smile:


I’ll +1 the AWS scale. I absolutely love my two.

Also, I think I’ll get as much time with it as everyone else now. I get back from Switzerland on Thursday, so I shouldn’t have to play catch up! Thanks @matt!


Ok, boards went back out today without issue. Next update from my side will be Friday afternoon.


I added a relay/pin test .ino file to the QA directory on the github repo. So far I’m digging the boards. Im not totally happy with the WS2812B LEDs I sent out with them though. Getting some strange results, specifically only getting light when running 6v external to them. I’ll have some time to dig into that on Sunday.

Some of you will probably get yours by tomo, if so let me know!


Package #delivered :sunglasses:

Awesome bonus!


Oh man! Hope mine is waiting for me when I get home from work! :crossed_fingers:


It’s here! And I just got a new laptop at work, so you can bet these stickers will make their way onto it. I also made a mugsy emoji on our slack, so the pink one will match it perfectly!

Edit: I also stole the smaller sticker from the packaging and put it on the back of my phone case. Perfect fit!


I got my package! Are you looking for specific metrics? Or just a pass/fail on each component?


@Tipsy Sweet! Just pass/fail across as many digital pins as possible. I’m lagging behind on my QA plan so feel free to mess around for now. I’ll eventually have a short survey up so you can describe any issues. I’m hoping to have it wrapped up tomo or the next day. Appreciate the help and patience!


Thanks @johndezember!
@dphillips I’ll have some more detailed intro instructions for you so you can get up and running, I know this is a new area for you. First step: download the arduino IDE here:

Ill have another update in a day or two.


Arduino 1.8.5 on a Windows 10 computer, the arduino programmed without an issue and the relay works great.

I’ll update this post once I try the LED.


The sketch that shipped on the board seems to be signaling all of the i/o pins. The relay clicked as expected when connected to each pin.

I tried out the LED using ns_cell example from - it was bright and colorful! :rainbow:


Thanks @johndezember and @Tipsy!


Matt… what WS2812B leds are you using? And you are powering them directly from the arduino clone? Also how many LEDs in a row are you using and what are the strange results?


@ccrowder It was a single led in this instance, and yes I was powering through the board. I think it was just a bad led. For the Mugsy enclosure color/lighting, there are currently 64 LEDs and they are powered with a separate internal 5v power supply.

Symptoms were similar to grounding/power issues, flickering and just rendering that “i dont have all the juice I need” red color…