Arduino Clone QA


Hey Guys, trying to get a rough idea on who would be into doing some basic QA on these RobotDyn Arduino clones. I will have a few scripts to run through but after that, they are yours to do with as you please. Looking for folks who know basic Arduino troubleshooting.

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Interested in helping out. No Arduino Pro, but have plenty of stuff laying around to hook up and play around with.


Hey @matt, I’ve had to work out some issues with a MKS Base v1.4 (ATmega2560) for my 3d printer. I’m familiar with the Arduino IDE and uploading firmware. I’m not an Arduino expert, but would be happy to help out!


I’ve done some custom '328 hardware work. Happy to spend a bit of time on this.


Really wish I knew more about arduino :frowning:. Pretty good at QA though :grimacing:


I’ve had plenty of arduino experience to run some tests. I’ve used a couple clones along the way as well. I’d be glad to help out.


If it’s not a problem to send one to Germany just for QA, I could help out. I have done Arduino and other ATMega stuff in the past.


Thanks guys, here is a form to submit your address:

Yesterday was a bit crazy at my day job so Im a few hours behind on this and will be sending the details over the weekend.

@Dan I can send to Germany!
@dphillips Never too early to start digging in! I can help you get up and running and the actual testing will be very basic. It will either work or it wont.

Everyone else, I appreciate the help!

Boards will probably be going out Wednesday-ish of next week. This is not a time critical thing so no need to stress over getting results in. My lead times for getting the boards imported are super short so we have several weeks to work through these tests. As noted before, the nitty gritty details will go out over the weekend.

Thanks everyone!


Hey Guys, boards have not yet shipped to me so no expected delivery time at this point. I was hoping to have them in hand by Wednesday but it looks like it will be later than that. I’ll keep everyone posted.


I am kind of in the middle of moving, but once that settles down a bit next week or so I can definitely help out. I have done a bit of arduino development and am looking forward to doing some more with a few projects in mind.


Thanks @thexder1, appreciate the help. Still waiting for the sample boards unfortunately but will update you once I have them.


OK, boards shipped, will be here in 5-8 days.


Boards are in! I should have them ready to ship to everyone on Monday or Tuesday. I am going to solder the headers on and check pin continuity on each one before sending them out. Over the weekend, I will dig into getting the actual QA code/scripts together as well a basic check list so it’s ready when I send them out. Apologies for the crappy pic, pretty hard to see whats inside anti-static bags without making some glare monsters!


Hey guys, I have 6 more boards to solder. I will be sending an email to everyone who signed up to the board QA email list tomorrow morning so we can confirm details. They will be going out in the mail tomorrow or Friday morning.


I added my name to the list - I’m probably way too late but happy to help out if you need more people to test 'em.


@Olle You made it in time :slight_smile:

Ok, off we go. If you have signed up for the list, you should have just received an email confirming that you will be getting two boards. If you did not receive confirmation, please let me know. Boards are shipping tomorrow.



Hey Guys, quick update. Boards are out and you should have them in a few days. I’m working towards having the scripts and testing plan available for everyone by Friday. I just left my day job so I’m doing Mugsy full time now. This was always the plan but I didnt expect it to happen so soon. It was becoming too hard to manage both responsibilities. The next couple of days will be a bit slow as I transition out but I’ll be throwing all of the gas on all of the fires from this point on.

I still have to send out the slack invites, just havent had a chance to do my initial config yet.



@matt, wow, that’s awesome news! :tada::coffee::coffee:
You keep killing #drinkcoffeeanddestroy it!
I’m excited to help out with the testing, too! :smiley:


Thanks @johndezember! It’s definitely scary, but at some point one has to jump.


I started pushing code and libs for the ArduinoQA to

I’m working on the QA plan now and will have that pushed with remaining code tomorrow. I also added a breakout board to your shipments. Each breakout has a single relay and a single RGB led. This will help us test a wider variety of functionality without requiring you to use your own parts.