Ability to lock interface


I’d like to be able to throw a lock on my Mugsy’s physical interface. Being able to unlock with a PIN, an RFID tag, or just not have a lock would be perfect; lock out the screen after a minute or something, once it’s unlocked.

It looks like the dev channel isn’t up-to-date; if it were, I would totally be willing to pull it and start trying to implement this.


Yeah, I reckon that’s totally doable, as the only interface is the screen. No actual buttons or anything, I don’t think.

I don’t think Matt has pushed any of his code to GitHub for quite a few months though. In fact, I don’t think the UI is on there at all, yet.


@matt are you able to push all your code in it’s current state? It would be great to see what you’ve been working on. And it would enable people to start thinking about how to add new features like this.



That is a worthwhile feature for me as well. I plan on putting this in my office and I may not want to share. Or if I give someone a code I’d like to know how much they’ve mooched.


@jjok Sure thing. I’ll be pushing code tomorrow but will try and get the interface out tonight. I’ll make a run down post with everything thats going up.


@coffeebob Totally doable. Great idea and one I’m surprised I never thought to implement. I’ll update here once the relevant code is up tonight or tomo.


I’ve started pushing interface, assets and inc files to the main github.

I’m trying to get the file rundown/dev examples done today as well, but with a bunch more to push and tonight’s update I may not get to it until tomorrow afternoon. Will update here when everything is up.



Did the lock pin code ever make it in to the final product?


Apologies for missing this, been hanging on the Discord channel too much! Currently I’m piggy backing on the existing OS login for screen lock. I want to update that to work with pins, rfid and bluetooth from a users phone.