Mugsy Basics Q and A

A place for basic questions that may not fit into the other categories. This includes basic usage, construction, how to’s, etc.

Mugsy API

All Mugsy API related topics. The Mugsy API links Mugsy’s hardware to standard Restful endpoints.

Mugsy Integrations

All about getting other software interacting and communicating with Mugsy. Current integrations include SMS, Alexa, Slack and more.

Mugsy Mechanics

The nitty gritty of how Mugsy’s mechanics works and discussion and planning for upgrades and add-ons

Developer Resources

Everything from specific language APIs, to code submission and style guides as well as “getting started” type tutorials.

Coffee Talk

Tips, tricks and amazing brew settings and Mugsy recipes. Anything related to coffee fits in here and the rules are more flexible than the other categories.

Beta Testers Group

A place for our cherished beta testers to try out new feature, upgrades and help guide Mugsy to a better tomorrow.

Feature Requests

A place to request and discuss the feasibility of new features.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.